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Dual SIM Plans : Your Home & Vietnam

Our Prepaid Data Plans

Prepaid 4GB Plan

Valid for 8 Days

$25.98 $12.99

Valid for 10 Days

$31.98 $15.99

Prepaid Unlimited Plan

Valid for 3/7/10 Days

$2.99 – $6.99

Why eSIM Vietnam?


Save money on international
roaming charges by using eSIM
with a reasonable price.


Automatic switch to
the strongest local networks.
Stay connected everywhere.


Buy data plans online
and install eSIM on your device
without changing a physical SIM card.

Most Recent Reviews

Great eSIM service! Simple, convenient, and quick.
Technical support was
very quick and helpful.
I will order another eSIM from here
in the near future
if I get to visit Vietnam again.

Kevin, Designer, Hong Kong 

ePro eSIM made my vacation
more convenient. I worried about the
installation process
as it was my first time,
but it was super easy as they say.

Eva, Student, Spain

I always wanted to try using eSIM on my iPhone Xs.
I didn’t need to wait in line to buy SIM Cards,
and just bought data plans online.
Everything was done online and I was also
satisfied with prices and network speed.

Aisha, Editor, Japan

Explore Vietnam
with eSIM Vietnam

What is an eSIM Vietnam?

eSIM Vietnam helps you to enjoy the fastest internet
with eSIM Vietnam mobile & stay connected to Viettel network.
Don’t miss the perfect Vietnam eSIM choice for your trip!
No need to worry about data usage or SIM card swap anymore.

How to use eSIM Vietnam

Which devices support eSIM?

• iPhone XS series• Samsung Galaxy S20 series• Google Pixel 2 series
• iPhone XR• Samsung Galaxy S21 series• Google Pixel 3 series
• iPhone SE 2 (2020)• Samsung Note 20 series• Google Pixel 4 series
• iPhone 11 series• Samsung Galaxy Fold series• Google Pixel 5 series
• iPhone 12 series• Samsung Galaxy Flip series
• iPhone 13 series

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait for eSIM QR Code after payment?

You will receive the eSIM QR code via email within 2 – 8 hours during the working hours. If you haven’t received the email in time, please contact our support team.

How can I check the balance of remaining data?

If you are using iPhone, you may go to [Settings] – [Cellular] – [Usage] and check
how much cellular data you’re using.
For Google Pixel, go to [Settings] – [Network & Internet] – [Data usage].

How can I prevent any accidental International Roaming charges?

To block data usage of a physical SIM card in advance, Turn [Cellular Data Switching] Off while installing.
Also, you can contact your carrier and
subscribe to ‘Blocked charged international roaming’ services.
You can also temporarily disable the eSIM.
Go to [Settings] – Find an option to
“Turn on/off this Line”.
If you disable the eSIM instead of removing it,
you can re-enable and reuse it at a later time.

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